Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Yachts and Sailors PrizePurple PrizeAchievement PrizeCosmetic Products Prize
Yachts PrizeCore Resources PrizeSparkling Idea PrizeCostume Prize
Fashion Goods PrizeNational Awards PrizePrime PrizeBest Aircraft Prize
Architects PrizeTop Designers PrizeArchitecture Art and Design PrizeDesignPrix Prize
Design Thinking PrizeFavorite PrizeChampion PrizePioneers Prize
Agriculture PrizeDiligence of Technology PrizeDesignprize PrizeBusiness Plan Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeSales Centers PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse PrizeArchitecture Projects Prize
Art Works PrizeArt Events PrizeBeauty Products PrizeBlue Goods Prize
Colorful Goods PrizeAlmanacs PrizeWorldsBest PrizeFuturistic Prize
Prosumer Tools PrizeTechnical Design PrizeExhibition Spaces PrizeInstitutional Prize
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